Broaden Investments is an investment advisory company based in Lisbon, Portugal, one of the top 5 Destinations to Invest in the World. Focused on Classic Cars, Art and Properties, Broaden works towards building wealth by diversifying portfolio.

Our Values

Broaden Investments emerges at the intersection of solid core values embedded in its culture that also beacons their way of doing and perceiving business.

Transparency and honesty are keystones for any client relationship and premises for any business made by or with us.

Investments are serious matters, and, at Broaden, they are led by high-skilled professionals with fundamental knowledge in every stage of its process.

The ability to truly understand our clients is critical for well-succeeded businesses that better meet their interests, expectations, and goals.

We work every day to maximize value in every investment opportunity we bring to the market.

Broaden Investments

Luis Borges das Neves

Broaden Founder

On the shoulders of more than 30 years of professional experience in the international Real Estate arena, Luis Borges das Neves founded Broaden Investments to combine the required know-how with a profound sense of commitment to its clients and their goals.

Constança Lopes Pinto

Chief Operations Officer

Constança Lopes Pinto has more than twenty years of banking experience under her belt, most of which are dedicated to managing real-estate-related products. Her highly skilled background became key for the demanding challenge she now embraces at Broaden Investments.


Key Services

With a deep understanding of the market, Broaden operates through a dedicated network of highly skilled brokers to provide every critical service throughout the whole investment process.

BROKERAGE SERVICES Brokerage services go way beyond finding, filling, and selling space. It’s also about understanding where true investment opportunities may lay, with the eyesight to maximize their gain to our clients.


Timing is everything when exploring new investment opportunities. That is why we live every day with our minds on our Clients and our eyes on the market, in seach for any potential new business opportunities.

CLIENT CARE Every business investment relies on a solid client relationship, where trust, transparency, and proficiency play their role throughout the whole investment cycle.
“Not all investments are identical nor meant for every investor. To bond our clients to the right business opportunities requires a special talent that underlines Broaden’s mission.” Luís Borges das Neves