Art & Design

Elevate your collection and build enduring value for generations.

All Art is subjective but its value does not depend merely on its likability.

That’s why Broaden works closely with respected galleries, art experts and private collectors, in Portugal and abroad, in order to provide us with artwork and design collections that are both pleasing to the eye and strategic opportunities to your investment portfolio.

Andy Warhol, “Kimiko Powers” , 1972
Broaden Investments Art

Elevate your collection and build enduring value for generations. 

From a colourful sculpture adding vibrancy to the living room to an abstract painting creating zen-like calm in the bedroom; we add meaningful and memorable art and design from emerging and popular artists and designers to your collection. 

We also coordinate and organize all logistics for your artworks and work with reliable art insurance providers, framers, installers, and more, for a hassle-free art acquisition experience.